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Internet Marketing Is A Lifestyle

My Internet Marketing Business is not just a business, it’s a lifestyle.

Are you employed by a company?

They decided what days you will work. They decide what hours you will work and how much vacation time you will have each year. The employer dictates your life.

Do you own a brick and mortar business?

You have to be there certain days and you have to be open at a given time each morning, If you want to or not. Even if there is no business you have to remain until a given hour each day. Your business dictates your life.

If you decide you want to move to another location, that decision is limited by where you are employed or where your business is located. You can only commute so far before it is no longer practical. Your options are to quit your job, sell your business, or live within the area dictated by driving time to your job or business. The business dictates your life.

I have an Internet Marketing Business and my Lifestyle dictates my business.

My lifestyle determines when I will work at my Internet Marketing Business, what days I work, what hours I work. When I start work and when I am finished for the day.

I am free to choose where I live. If I decide I no longer want to live in one State, I would prefer to live in another State, I can move. My Internet Marketing Business moves with me. My lifestyle determines my Business.

I wake up on Wednesday and the weather is warm and sunny, a great day to go to the lake, I can go. My lifestyle determines my business.

If I want to take an extra week off because I have been working long hours, I can take it without having to ask permission. My lifestyle determines my Business.

If my family wants to go some place special this year and spend extra time, I do not have to say no because I need to get back to work. I just plug my laptop into the phone line and stay a little longer. My lifestyle determines my Business.

I work long hours and I work a lot of days each year. I am a hard boss to work for and very demanding. Yet my lifestyle demands a lot of freedom and my lifestyle determines my Business.

What I do not understand is how I survived and enjoyed life before my Internet Business.

I love this Lifestyle.