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B2B Internet Video Marketing: Why Do It and How to Do It Right

The Growing Need for Internet Video Marketing

Through social media, blogsites and other major online influences, the World Wide Web has made information available in a way that has prospects spending more time shopping and doing independent research on the Web. Now B2B marketers are running into an issue of timing. Leads are B2B marketers who offer services they might need at an earlier stage in the game – at a time when they are not necessarily sales-ready.

Because these B2B marketers are being introduced to leads earlier and earlier through online mediums, it’s crucial that they minimize the risk of losing these prospects. How can you as a B2B marketer minimize the risk of losing prospects? The solution is a no-brainer. You must build relationships of trust. Video marketing can help you develop trust with leads by providing them with the information that helps them make the right purchasing decision and makes them feel comfortable about purchasing from you.

Video Will Change the Way You Are Viewed in the Online Space

When it is created and distributed through the appropriate outlets, online video helps companies create a demand for their product or service – even if the focus of the video is not specifically about the organization or its offerings. Often, videos created for the purpose of attracting visitors and building relationships are problem-specific or entertainment-focused.

When employing Internet video marketing techniques to market B2B, many organizations find success in creating and distributing videos that increase awareness and demand for their entire industry, allowing the organization to benefit from a larger reach and increased interest. To be effective with your B2B video marketing, you must focus on more than just the benefits of your product or service. Instead, try creating a series of videos which shares with your community of viewers the benefits of industry best practices. Companies that can successfully harness the power of online video marketing will improve their authority in their industry and among prospects and customers. And, they’ll reap the benefit of claiming a larger share of the market than competitors. Why? Because video can build a rapport with clients and prospects in a way that other methods of online content marketing just can’t compete with. And this rapport absolutely makes it easier for a prospect to justify entering into a business relationship with a company and/or purchasing the company’s product.

An effecting Internet video marketing campaign is not just creating videos about your company and posting them to your vlog. It includes creating a wide range of video content that your company will use to educate buyers. This can include:

  • Video reviews
  • Video books
  • Video case studies
  • Product demo videos for websites
  • Informational video guides
  • Online video courses
  • Videocasts
  • Video resource libraries

Effective B2B video marketing uses video to express your individual or organizational advice and/or insight to create a movement that changes the way that people think about your industry as well as your organization. The best kind of video does more than educate and inform. It inspires.

Promoting Your Videos

The first rule of getting traffic to your video is to be sure the video you create and distribute has the following characteristics:

  • It both excites and inspires.
  • It’s relevant and useful to your target audience.
  • It answers a question or problem with insight and with a unique perspective.
  • Its scripting and production is of professional quality.
  • It’s relevant to your company.

But let’s assume that you’ve created an exciting, inspiring, relevant, insightful and professional video. It makes no difference unless you put it in front of the people who matter. Promotion is the key to the success of your Internet video marketing campaign.

Here are some tips for getting more out of your B2B video marketing campaign.

Let press analyst, bloggers and other online communicators know about your content so they can share it with their followers.

If it’s relevant, create a press release about your video series or mention it in other press releases.

Link to your video landing page or library from throughout the rest of your website and add it an appropriate resource area.

Remember that there are tons of social media outlets out there. Don’t forget to include LinkedIn and Facebook, Google+, Digg, Sphinn and Delicious.

Consider paid promotions and weigh the benefit it could have in getting eyes on your content against the monetary cost of the paid campaign.